Nimbus Driver Studio™

Suite of IVI driver development and management software tools


  • Guarantees IVI compliance through built-in LXI support
  • Automatically creates MATLAB Instrument Drivers
  • Automatically creates IVI-COM, IVI-C and .NET drivers
  • Automatically creates a customizable driver installer package with 32- and 64-bit support
  • Integrates with Microsoft® Visual Studio®
  • Provides customizable driver help files for easy MSDN help system integration


Nimbus Driver Studio is a powerful suite of IVI driver development and management tools. Nimbus guides you through the entire driver development process – from initial design to final deployment – all within the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Nimbus creates MATLAB®, IVI-COM, IVI-C, and .NET drivers from a single code base. The Nimbus-developed drivers are fully self-contained – no need for additional software components or third-party tools. Nimbus-developed drivers work seamlessly in virtually all of the development environments that test and measurement engineers use today.

Instrument driver developers use Nimbus Driver Studio during the design, development, test, validation, and documentation of the driver. These users typically work for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of test and measurement instruments, or a company using test and measurement instruments in the design and/or manufacturing of its products.

Nimbus Driver Studio generates IVI-compliant drivers that are seamlessly integrated with MATLAB through the MathWorks' Instrument Control Toolbox. As a result, MATLAB users can easily access the complete functionality of a driver, including IVI-defined features and instrument-specific capabilities.

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  • Test Instruments


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