pure::variants Connector for Simulink

Integrates variant management with Simulink


  • Automatic model variant generation according to requested features
  • Powerful variability modeling language
  • Automatic conflict detection and resolution during variant definition


pure::variants Connector for Simulink enables the integration of variant management functionality into Simulink. pure::variants manages variability in all phases of system development. Using its open interfaces, variant information can be used consistently in requirements engineering, during systems design, implementation, and testing. The Connector enables the exchange of models between Simulink and pure::variants. The pure::variants Connector automates the generation of Simulink model variants. Model parameters and elements are adapted according to the specific variant selected. Within pure::variants, model elements can be connected to features by using rules. Models are adapted according to these rules and the feature selection for the model variant. This process allows blocks to be removed or added and block parameters to be changed. Signals can also be connected to different blocks depending on the feature selection. A final model transformation produces Simulink models matching the desired features.

pure::variants is a purpose-built variant management tool. It manages a product line while integrating seamlessly into existing development processes, and therefore streamlines the processes of developing a product line as a whole and producing individual product variants. Variant management is required in all stages of product line development. However, traditional software development tools are often focused on single system development. pure::variants closes this gap by providing a model-based infrastructure for variability modeling and variant definition in all phases of a systems development. This allows existing tools to be augmented to handle variability and variants more efficiently.


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