Build custom infrastructure on your terms


Consider the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server reference architectures for typical configurations on AWS and Azure.

If you need to fully customize your infrastructure, you can install MATLAB Distributed Computing Server in a variety of cloud environments. 

Support for typical installation and integration is available through MathWorks Support. In addition, MathWorks Consulting offers support for: architecting solutions, configuring data management and computational resources, streamlining your migration process, and releasing applications into production.


You have several options for license management. You can re-host a FlexNet license in the cloud, allow the cloud to access a FlexNet server at your organization, or use MathWorks Hosted License Manager. MathWorks Hosted License Manager provides added convenience if your users bring their own licenses to your infrastructure. It also supports on-demand licensing, as well as perpetual and annual licensing options.

Talk to an expert about your requirements.