Start customizable Amazon Web Services (AWS) clusters managed by MathWorks Cloud Center

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server for Amazon EC2 allows you to run your application on MATLAB® workers (MATLAB computational engines) running on customizable clusters powered by Amazon EC2. Develop your program on a multicore computer using Parallel Computing Toolbox™, and scale up using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™.

You can use Amazon EC2 machine instances on which MathWorks has pre-installed MATLAB Distributed Computing Server. The Cloud Center web application allows you to customize cluster size, machine type, and storage options. You can also start your cluster and manage cluster access. Using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server for Amazon EC2 saves you the work and capital costs of setting up and running your own computer cluster hardware.

When your cloud cluster is running, you access it much the same way you access a cluster in your own on-site network. Through cluster profiles or parallel computing functions, you identify available clusters for creating and submitting jobs.

MathWorks bills you only for software usage, and Amazon Web Services bills you for instance usage. You will not be charged for using the Cloud Center web application. 

You already have access to Cloud Center if you have a MATLAB Distributed Computing Server license configured for MathWorks Hosted License Manager. If you need a new license to access Cloud Center, click the following button.

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