Video and Webinar Series


In this video series, you will learn how to use deep learning to classify signals from the shallower to the deeper. In Part 1, you will see a brief introduction to deep learning and a demonstration of how to use time-frequency transform and transfer learning to classify ECG signals. In part 2, you will get an overview of wavelet scattering, and you will also see how to use wavelet scattering technology and LSTM networks to classify ECG signals.

使用迁移学习做信号分类 本视频系列由浅入深地介绍了如何在时间序列数据上用深度学习技术做信号的分类。第一部分首先简单介绍一下深度学习,并且演示了如何用时频变换迁移学习来做心电图信号的分类。

使用小波散射做信号分类 本视频系列由浅入深地介绍了如何在时间序列数据上用深度学习技术做信号的分类。第二部分首先介绍什么是小波散射,之后将聚焦在怎样使用小波散射技术和使用长短期记忆网络做心电图信号的分类