Video and Webinar Series

Developing Wind Power Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink

For a system as complex as a wind turbine, the ability to simulate the physical systems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc.) and control systems in a single environment is crucial to the development process. It enables engineers to incorporate requirements into the development process, design at the system level, and to predict and optimize overall system performance without relying only on hardware prototypes. This approach helps engineers produce a turbine design that will produce more power at a lower cost to build and operate.

This series of webinars will show how to do a system-level design of a wind turbine, from the tips of the blades to the connection to the electrical network. At various steps of the process, presenters isolate different systems for testing, and then integrate those changes into the overall system to measure the impact on system performance.  Model-Based Design enables teams to use simulation to test and verify the system more completely, leading to a more robust design.

Model-Based Design of a Wind Turbine Developing wind turbines requires a smooth, continuous development process in which modeling and simulation plays a large role. From the earliest design phase to the automatic generation of production code, engineers need the ability to test new idea

Determining Mechanical Loads for Wind Turbines Determining the mechanical loads a wind turbine experiences is a complex process that requires more than just a model of the mechanical system. To accurately predict maximum loads, deflections, and oscillations, the entire system must be modeled in o

Designing Pitch and Yaw Actuators for Wind Turbines Engineers designing yaw and pitch actuators for wind turbines need to take into account many of the other components in the overall system to produce an optimized design. Selecting a technology requires doing tradeoff studies in early stages to deter

Designing Control Systems For Wind Turbines The number and complexity of control systems in wind turbines is expanding rapidly, and their design can be the difference between an immensely profitable system and a dormant or damaged system. Designing a robust control system requires an accurate

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