Video and Webinar Series

Field-Oriented Control of PMSMs with Simulink

Learn how to simplify Field-Oriented Control (FOC) implementation using Motor Control Blockset™ with this video series. Discover how to estimate motor parameters, implement FOC algorithms, and validate them through closed-loop simulations. Progress to understanding code generation from the model and deployment on embedded microcontrollers. Lastly, learn how to autotune PI controllers for optimal FOC performance.

How to Estimate Parameters from Motor | Field-Oriented Control of PMSM with Simulink, Part 1 This video demonstrates how to identify stator resistance, d-axis and q-axis inductance, back-EMF constant, inertia, and friction constant parameters for your PMSM motor by using prebuilt instrumented tests in Motor Control Blockset.

How to Design and Simulate Motor Control Algorithms | Field-Weakening Control of PMSM with Simulink, Part 2 In the second video of the series on Field-Weakening Control (FWC) for permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), we focus on designing and simulating control algorithm for PMSM.

How to Deploy Control Algorithm to a Microcontroller | Field-Oriented Control of PMSM with Simulink | Part 3 In this video, we demonstrate how to use reference examples provided by Motor Control Blockset as a starting point for implementing field-oriented control algorithms. You can use these examples to generate and deploy embedded code.

How to Autotune PI controllers for implementing Field-Oriented Control In this video, we demonstrate how to automatically tune the gains of the current and the speed loops of the PMSM using the Field Oriented Controller Autotuner block in desktop simulation.

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