Lengths and Angles

Convert between different angle and length units and perform longitude wrapping


degrees2dm Convert degrees to degrees-minutes
degrees2dms Convert degrees to degrees-minutes-seconds
degtorad Convert angles from degrees to radians
dm2degrees Convert degrees-minutes to degrees
dms2degrees Convert degrees-minutes-seconds to degrees
fromDegrees Convert angles from degrees
fromRadians Convert angles from radians
radtodeg Convert angles from radians to degrees
str2angle Convert strings to angles in degrees
toDegrees Convert angles to degrees
toRadians Convert angles to radians
unitsratio Unit conversion factors
km2nm Convert kilometers to nautical miles
km2sm Convert kilometers to statute miles
nm2km Convert nautical miles to kilometers
nm2sm Convert nautical to statute miles
sm2km Convert statute miles to kilometers
sm2nm Convert statute to nautical miles
unwrapMultipart Unwrap vector of angles with NaN-delimited parts
wrapTo180 Wrap angle in degrees to [-180 180]
wrapTo360 Wrap angle in degrees to [0 360]
wrapToPi Wrap angle in radians to [−pi pi]
wrapTo2Pi Wrap angle in radians to [0 2*pi]
map.geodesy.isdegree True if string matchesdegree and false if radian
validateLengthUnit Validate and standardize length unit string
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