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Thinking Like an Engineer: An Active Learning Approach, 5th Edition

Authors: Elizabeth A. Stephan, Clemson University l David R. Bowman, The Boeing Company l William J. Park, Clemson University l William David Martin III, Clemson University l Matthew W. Ohland, Purdue University
Publisher: Pearson • ISBN: 9780136932215 • Language: English

Thinking Like an Engineer, now with MATLAB Grader available in MyLab Engineering, is designed to facilitate active learning for first-year engineering courses. The authors incorporate a model that encourages self-guided inquiry and moves students beyond plug-and-chug approaches and memorization.

Checkpoints in each chapter provide problem sets to solve. An emphasis on advance reading and practice prepares students for in-class activities that reinforce the material. Instructors spend class time focusing on collaborative problem-solving, computer-based activities, and hands-on experiments.

(Available in North America only)

Thinking Like an Engineer Desktop


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Improve student learning with instant, contextual feedback.

Reach every student with personalized assignments that challenge them to practice and hone their problem-solving skills.

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