MathWorks Boosts Support for Scientific Research with Updated Access Model for MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server

Natick, Massachusetts, United States - (19 Nov 2019)

MathWorks today announced expanded access to MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server to accelerate scientific research and enable collaboration. Today, more than a thousand universities and top research centers around the world offer their own researchers, faculty and students open access to MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server. The updated access model has two advantages – first, academic collaborators of these institutions may use the institute MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server licenses, facilitating collaboration and reproducibility of research. Second, these academic users with open access will be also able to speed up their research by taking advantage of unlimited access to scale MATLAB programs and Simulink simulations with MATLAB Parallel Server.    

With the new usage model, academic and research institutions may now provide MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server access to professors, students, and academics outside of their institution when they are provided credentials to access the institution infrastructure. Research and high-performance computing (HPC) centers can now facilitate virtual research environments by extending access to their communities of collaborators without the additional overhead and complexity involved in the traditional bring-your-own-license approaches. Collaborators can run on the platform that works best for them and still have access to common data.

MATLAB Parallel Server enables researchers to run their algorithms and models on clusters and clouds through the familiar MATLAB environment and without algorithm changes. Previously, researchers could only scale to the number of MATLAB computational engines they had on their MATLAB Parallel Server license. Now, researchers with access to an institution-wide MATLAB Parallel Server license can solve larger problems by running an unlimited number of simultaneous MATLAB computational engines on clusters or on clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“Research has been the backbone of innovation and, as these projects become more complex, researchers need the ability to collaborate and scale to be truly successful,” said Silvina Grad-Freilich, head of HPC marketing, MathWorks. “We believe that offering simplified collaboration and unlimited scaling helps us to best meet this increasing need for parallel computing capabilities and joint working opportunities.”  

The extended access to scaling and collaboration is offered with all releases of MATLAB Parallel Server, including earlier versions of the product under its previous name of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

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