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Open the Unreal Editor


[status,result]=open(sim3dEditorObj) opens the Unreal Engine® project in the Unreal® Editor.

To develop scenes with the Unreal Editor and co-simulate with Simulink®, you need the support package. The support package contains an Unreal Engine project that allows you to customize the scenes. For information about the support package, see .

Input Arguments

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sim3d.Editor object for the Unreal Engine project.

Output Arguments

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Command exit status, returned as either 0 or a nonzero integer. When the command is successful, status is 0. Otherwise, status is a nonzero integer.

  • If command includes the ampersand character (&), then status is the exit status when command starts

  • If command does not include the ampersand character (&), then status is the exit status upon command completion.

Output of the operating system command, returned as a character vector. The system shell might not properly represent non-Unicode® characters.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b

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