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Calculate grid spacing in for reflectorGrid object

Since R2020b



numGridsToSpacing(antenna,numGrids,GridWidth) calculates the spacing between cells in the grid given the number of grid cells, numGrids, and the width of the grid cells, GridWidth.


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Calculate the spacing between grid cells in the reflectorGrid antenna object with given number of grid cells as 4 and the grid width of 0.026 m.

ant = reflectorGrid;
ans = 0.0240

Input Arguments

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Grid reflector-backed antenna, specified as a reflectorGrid object.

Example: reflectorGrid(GridType="VH")

Number of grid cells in the reflector, specified as a positive scalar.

Example: 4

Data Types: double

Width of each grid cell of the grid reflector-backed antenna, specified as a positive scalar in meters.

Example: 0.3

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2020b