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Develop AUTOSAR Software Architecture Model


This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the basics of the AUTOSAR standard and Simulink®. The code generation portion of this tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of Embedded Coder® basics.

Optional part of the tutorial requires Simulink Coder™ and Embedded Coder software.

Example Model

The tutorial uses example model autosar_tpc_composition and several supporting models that implement AUTOSAR component behavior. To open the models in a local working example folder enter the MATLAB® command openExample('autosar_tpc_composition').

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to:

  1. Create a software architecture canvas for developing AUTOSAR compositions and components.

  2. Add and connect AUTOSAR compositions and components and add Simulink behavior to components.

  3. Simulate the behavior of aggregated components in an AUTOSAR architecture model.

  4. Optionally, export composition and component AUTOSAR XML files and generate component code from an AUTOSAR architecture model.

The tutorial focuses on how to develop an AUTOSAR classic architecture model, but note that the workflow for developing an adaptive architecture model is the same.

To start the tutorial, see Create AUTOSAR Software Architecture Model.