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Bluetooth Audio

Network modeling of Bluetooth 5.2 LE broadcast audio

Bluetooth® Toolbox features and reference examples enable network modeling of the next generation of Bluetooth audio called low energy (LE) Audio introduced in Bluetooth 5.2. You can create, configure, and visualize a Bluetooth LE Audio broadcast network. Furthermore, you can also simulate multistream audio in a Bluetooth LE piconet. Additionally, you can add WLAN interference and channel impairments to the wireless channel and explore the packet delivery performance of the LE Audio broadcast network.

Bluetooth LE broadcast audio network in a residential scenario with WLAN signal interference


addMobilityAdd random waypoint mobility model to Bluetooth LE node (Since R2023b)
addTrafficSourceAdd data traffic source to Bluetooth LE node (Since R2022a)
statisticsGet statistics of Bluetooth LE node (Since R2022a)
configureBIGConfigure BIG parameters at Bluetooth LE isochronous broadcaster and receiver (Since R2022a)


wirelessNetworkSimulatorWireless network simulator (Since R2022b)
bluetoothLENodeBluetooth LE node (Since R2022a)
bluetoothLECISConfigBluetooth LE CIS configuration parameters (Since R2023b)
bluetoothLEBIGConfigBluetooth LE BIG configuration parameters (Since R2022a)
networkTrafficOnOffOn-Off application traffic pattern generator (Since R2022a)