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Class: coder.make.ToolchainInfo
Namespace: coder.make

Sets value of build tool options for build configuration


h.setBuildConfigurationOption(buildconfignames, buildobjectname, options)


h.setBuildConfigurationOption(buildconfignames, buildobjectname, options) sets option values for the named coder.make.BuildConfiguration objects in coder.make.ToolchainInfo.BuildConfigurations.

Input Arguments

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A coder.make.ToolchainInfo object, specified using an object handle, such as h. To create h, enter h = coder.make.ToolchainInfo in a MATLAB® Command Window.

Build configuration name or 'all', specified as a character vector.

BuildTool object name, specified as a character vector.

Build configuration options, specified as a character vector.


To update a specific BuildConfiguration object or objects:

h = coder.make.ToolchainInfo
h.setBuildConfigurationOption('Faster Runs','C Compiler','-c -g')

To update all BuildConfiguration objects:

h = coder.make.ToolchainInfo
tc.setBuildConfigurationOption('all','C Compiler','-c -g')

Version History

Introduced in R2013a