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Instruct the App to Use Input Types Defined in Your MATLAB Code

If you generate C/C++ code using the MATLAB® Coder™ app, you can instruct the app to use the entry-point function input types you have provided in your MATLAB entry-point function using arguments blocks or assert statements.

To instruct the MATLAB Coder app to determine input types based on arguments blocks or assert statements, click Menu button on the app toolbar. Select Determine input types from code preconditions or validation. If you enable this option:

  • The app labels all entry-point function inputs as Deferred. It determines the input types at compile time.

  • In this project, you cannot use other input specification methods to specify input types.


If you enable fixed-point conversion (requires a Fixed-Point Designer™ license), the app disables the Determine input types from code preconditions or validation option.

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