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Standalone Applications

Create standalone applications from MATLAB® functions

Create a standalone application if you want to run MATLAB code on target machines that do not have MATLAB installed. Compile the MATLAB code by running the or mcc command, or by using the Application Compiler app. Standalone applications run on Windows®, Linux®, and macOS corresponding to the platform on which they are generated.

To run standalone applications, install MATLAB Runtime on the target machine. For more information, see Install and Configure MATLAB Runtime.


Application CompilerPackage MATLAB programs for deployment as standalone applications


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applicationCompilerBuild and package functions into standalone applications
deploytoolOpen a list of application deployment apps
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
createDeploymentScriptCreate a deployment script from a MATLAB Compiler PRJ file a standalone application for deployment outside MATLAB a standalone application for deployment outside MATLAB that does not launch a Windows command shell for building standalone applications build results object
compiler.package.installerCreate an installer for files generated by MATLAB Compiler
compiler.package.InstallerOptionsOptions for creating MATLAB Compiler package installers
compiler.package.dockerCreate a Docker image for files generated by MATLAB Compiler on Linux operating systems
compiler.package.DockerOptionsCreate a Docker options object
compiler.codetools.deployableSupportPackagesDetermine support packages used by files
ctfrootLocation of files related to deployed application
isdeployedDetermine whether code is running in deployed or MATLAB mode
ismccTest if code is running during compilation process (using mcc)
mcrversionReturn MATLAB Runtime version number that matches MATLAB version
%#functionPragma to help MATLAB Compiler locate functions called through feval, eval, Handle Graphics callback, or objects loaded from MAT-files
%#excludeIgnore a file or function dependency during dependency analysis while executing the mcc command


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