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Distance between two position vectors


d = boxdist(pos)


boxdist is a layer distance function that is used to find the distances between the layer’s neurons, given their positions.

d = boxdist(pos) takes one argument,


N-by-S matrix of neuron positions

and returns the S-by-S matrix of distances.

boxdist is most commonly used with layers whose topology function is gridtop.


Here you define a random matrix of positions for 10 neurons arranged in three-dimensional space and then find their distances.

pos = rand(3,10);
d = boxdist(pos)

Network Use

To change a network so that a layer’s topology uses boxdist, set net.layers{i}.distanceFcn to 'boxdist'.

In either case, call sim to simulate the network with boxdist.


The box distance D between two position vectors Pi and Pj from a set of S vectors is

Dij = max(abs(Pi-Pj))

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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