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Cascade filter objects

mfilt.cascade will be removed in a future release. Use dsp.FilterCascade instead.


hm = cascade(hm1,hm2,...,hmn)


hm = cascade(hm1,hm2,...,hmn) creates filter object hm by cascading (connecting in series) the individual filter objects hm1, hm2, and so on to hmn.

In block diagram form, the cascade looks like this, with x as the input to the filter hm and y the output from the cascade filter hm:

mfilt.cascade accepts any combination of mfilt and dfilt objects (discrete time filters) to cascade, as well as Farrow filter objects.


Create a variety of mfilt objects and cascade them together.

hm(1) = mfilt.firdecim(12);
hm(2) = mfilt.firdecim(4);
h1 = mfilt.cascade(hm(1),hm(2));
hm(3) = mfilt.firinterp(4);
hm(4) = mfilt.firinterp(12);
h2 = mfilt.cascade(hm(3),hm(4));
% Cascade h1 and h2 together
h3 = mfilt.cascade(h1,h2,9600);

Version History

Introduced in R2011a