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Functions and System Objects in DSP System Toolbox that Support C Code Generation

If you have a MATLAB® Coder™ license, you can generate C and C++ code from MATLAB code that contains DSP System Toolbox™ functions and System objects. For an example, see Generate C Code from MATLAB Code. For usage rules and limitations while generating code from System objects, see System Objects in MATLAB Code Generation (MATLAB Coder).

You can view functions and System objects that are supported for C/C++ code generation in documentation by filtering the functions reference list. Click Functions right below the blue bar at the top of the Help window, then select the C/C++ Code Generation check box at the bottom of the left column under Extended Capability. The functions and objects are listed in their respective categories. You can use the table of contents in the left column to navigate between the categories. Refer to the Extended Capabilities > C/C++ Code Generation section of each function page for any usage notes and limitations.

To obtain this filtered list for the DSP System Toolbox, click Functions that Support C/C++ Code Generation.

In the image below, there is a blue bar at the top written 'Documentation'. Right below that, on left, there is a contents pane. In the middle of the page, right under the blue bar, there are options that are clickable: 'All', 'Examples', 'Functions', 'Blocks', 'Apps'. In the contents pane, there are products listed. You can choose any product. However, the first product DSP System Toolbox is selected and you can see its categories listed. Below these products, there is list of extended capabilities available. The first capability is C/C++ Code Generation with a check box infront of it. Select this check box. In the clickable options at the top, select Functions. A list of functions and System Objects appears which supports C/C++ code generation. You can see a small triangle next to a function name if there are any C/C++ code generation notes and limitations listed in the respective reference page under Extended Capabilities > C/C++ Code Generation section.

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