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Prototype DSP HDL Algorithms on Hardware

Support packages such as the HDL Coder™ Support Package for Xilinx® FPGA and SoC Devices enable you to design, prototype, and verify practical digital signal processing systems on hardware.

  • Use an Xilinx RFSoC board as an I/O peripheral to transmit and receive real-time arbitrary waveforms using MATLAB® System objects or Simulink® blocks.

  • Acquire high-bandwidth signals by using burst mode.

  • Run signal processing application examples to get started with targeting your designs to hardware.

  • In Simulink, customize and prototype DSP algorithms. Target only the FPGA fabric of the device, or deploy partitioned hardware-software co-design implementations across the ARM® processor and the FPGA fabric of the device.

The Polyphase Channelizer (HDL Coder) example shows how to use the Channelizer block to process incoming analog-to-digital converter (ADC) samples and produce a spectrum that has 512 MHz of bandwidth. The Pulse-Doppler Radar Using Xilinx RFSoC Device (SoC Blockset) example shows how to use the Discrete FIR Filter block in a pulse-Doppler radar system targeted on the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ RFSoC evaluation kit.

How to Install Support Packages

A support package is an add-on that enables you to use a MathWorks® product with specific third-party hardware and software. Support packages use the license of the base product. For instance, HDL Coder Support Package for Xilinx FPGA and SoC Devices requires a license for HDL Coder.

Install support packages using the MATLAB Add-Ons menu. You can also use the Add-Ons menu to update installed support package software or update the firmware on third-party hardware.

To install support packages, on the MATLAB Home tab, in the Environment section, select Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages. You can filter this list by selecting categories (such as hardware vendor or application area) or by performing a keyword search.

Search the Add-Ons list for these support packages:

  • HDL Coder Support Package for Xilinx FPGA and SoC Devices

  • SoC Blockset™ Support Package for Xilinx Devices

  • HDL Coder Support Package for Intel® FPGA and SoC Devices

  • Embedded Coder® Support Package for Xilinx Zynq® Platform (needed only for hardware-software co-design)

  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices (needed only for hardware-software co-design)

When the support package installation is complete, you must set up the host computer and radio hardware. For Windows® systems, the installer provides guided setup steps. For Linux® systems, the installer links to manual setup instructions.

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