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ARM Cortex-R Processors

Generate code optimized for ARM Cortex®-R processors

Embedded Coder® Support Package for ARM® Cortex-R Processors lets you generate, execute, and verify code from MATLAB® and Simulink® on ARM Cortex-R based processors. Support for select real-time operating systems, compiler toolchains, and hardware boards is included.


  • Setup and Configuration
    Install the Embedded Coder Support Package for ARM Cortex-R Processors and configure Texas Instruments® Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad hardware board
  • Modeling
    Prepare model for hardware connection and add blocks to support hardware protocols
  • Deployment
    Build the model that loads and runs an executable on the Texas Instruments Hercules RM57Lx LaunchPad hardware board
  • Performance
    Improve simulation speed, increase accuracy, and reduce data loss of the deployed models
  • Develop a Target
    Create a target based on the ARM Cortex-R processors