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Class: coder.dictionary.Section
Namespace: coder.dictionary

Delete Embedded Coder Dictionary entry

Since R2019b




deleteEntry(sectionObj,defName) deletes an Embedded Coder Dictionary definition that has the name defName from the section sectionObj, a coder.dictionary.Section object.

Input Arguments

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Section in the Embedded Coder Dictionary that contains its definition, specified as a coder.dictionary.Section object.

Name of Embedded Coder Dictionary definition, specified as a character vector or string scalar. To get a list of definitions in a section, use the methods find and get.

Example: 'StorageClass2'


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Open the model RollAxisAutopilot and represent the Embedded Coder Dictionary by using a coder.Dictionary object. Use this object to access the Storage Classes section of the dictionary, which contains the storage class definitions.

coderDictionary ='RollAxisAutopilot');

Create a coder.dictionary.Section object that represents the Storage Classes section of the Embedded Coder Dictionary.

storageClassesSect = getSection(coderDictionary, 'StorageClasses')
storageClassesSect = 

  Section with properties:

    Name: 'StorageClasses'

Get a list of the storage class definitions in the section. Use the find method to get the coder.dictionary.Entry objects in the section. Then, use the get method to list the names of the definitions that the entries represent.

entryObjects = find(coderDictionary, 'StorageClasses');
ans =

  1×19 cell array

  Columns 1 through 4

    {'ExportedGlobal'}    {'ImportedExtern'}    {'ImportedExternP…'}    {'BitField'}

  Columns 5 through 9

    {'Const'}    {'Volatile'}    {'ConstVolatile'}    {'Define'}    {'ImportedDefine'}

  Columns 10 through 13

    {'ExportToFile'}    {'ImportFromFile'}    {'FileScope'}    {'Localizable'}

  Columns 14 through 18

    {'Struct'}    {'GetSet'}    {'CompilerFlag'}    {'Reusable'}    {'SignalStruct'}

  Column 19


Remove the example storage class ParamStruct from the dictionary.


Version History

Introduced in R2019b