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Divide Software Problem

A step in project assessment process is to break down your software problem into smaller parts. You can represent each part as a separate application or component.

Smaller components:

  • Facilitate separation of concerns.

  • Are easier to work with.

  • Enable parallel development.

  • Promote reuse.

When assessing a component for reuse, consider whether the component is:

  • Reusable as is.

  • Reusable with slight variations.

  • Expected to be volatile.

If you have access to System Composer™, you can use that software to graphically represent software components as you decompose the software problem and design a software architecture. For more information, see Author Architecture Models (System Composer).

As part of the decomposition process, identify data and execution dependencies, such as ports, function-call interfaces, and parameters that require tuning and signal data that must be measured during program execution.

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