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Trading Calendars User Interface

Use the createholidays function to open the Trading Calendars user interface.

The createholidays function supports trading calendars. This function can be used from the command line or from the Trading Calendars user interface. To use createholidays or the Trading Calendars user interface, you must obtain data, codes, and info files from trading calendars. For more information on using the command line to programmatically generate the market-specific holidays.m files without displaying the interface, see createholidays.

To use the Trading Calendars user interface:

  1. From the command line, type the following command to open the Trading Calendars user interface.


  2. Click Choose data file to select the data file.

  3. Click Choose codes file to select the codes file.

  4. Click Choose info file to select the info file.

  5. Click Choose directory for writing holiday files to select the output folder.

  6. Select Include weekends to include weekends in the holiday list and click Prompt for target directory to be prompted for the file location for each holidays.m file that is created.

  7. Click Create holiday files to convert financial center holiday data into market-specific holidays.m files.

    The market-specific holidays.m files can be used in place of the standard holidays.m that ships with Financial Toolbox™ software.

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