Run Management

By default, the Fixed-Point Tool creates a run for range collection and a run for verification. By default, these runs are named BaselineRun and EmbeddedRun respectively.

The tool creates a range collection run when you click the Collect Ranges button; it creates a verification run when you click the Simulate with Embedded Types button. The default behavior of the range collection run is to override your model with double-precision types to avoid quantization affects and collect idealized ranges either through simulation, range analysis, or simulation with range analysis. The verification run simulates your model using the currently specified data types.

The Fixed-Point Tool also provides additional configurations for the range collection and verification runs. You can edit which settings the tool uses by clicking the Collect Ranges button arrow and selecting a configuration. The tool overwrites previous range collection runs.

You can edit the default name for the embedded run. Under the Simulate with Embedded Types menu, type a new name in the Run name field.