Radiate signals from emitters mounted on platform


[signals,emitterconfigs] = emit(ptfm,time) returns signals, signals, radiated by all the emitters mounted on the platform, ptfm, at the specified time. The function also returns all emitter configurations, emitterconfigs.

Input Arguments

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Scenario platform, specified as a Platform object. To create platforms, use the platform method.

Emission time, specified as a positive scalar.

Example: 100.5

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Signals radiated by emitters on platform, returned as a cell array of radarEmission and sonarEmission objects.

Emitter configurations, returned as a structure. An emitter configuration has these fields:


Unique emitter index


Valid emission time, returned as 0 or 1. IsValidTime is 0 when emitter updates are requested at times that are between update intervals specified by UpdateInterval.


IsScanDone is true when the emitter has completed a scan.


Field of view of emitter.


MeasurementParameters is an array of structures containing the coordinate frame transforms needed to transform positions and velocities in the top-level frame to the current emitter frame.

Data Types: single | double

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Introduced in R2018b