Trajectory and Scenario Generation

Ground-truth waypoint- and rate-based trajectories and scenarios

Generate ground-truth trajectories to drive sensor models using the kinematicTrajectory and waypointTrajectory System objects. Simulate tracking of multiple platforms in a 3-D arena using trackingScenario.


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kinematicTrajectoryRate-driven trajectory generator
waypointTrajectoryWaypoint trajectory generator
trackingScenarioCreate tracking scenario
trackingScenarioRecordingTracking scenario recording
PlatformPlatform object belonging to tracking scenario
monteCarloRunMonte Carlo realization of tracking scenario
emissionsInBodyTransform emissions to body frame of platform


Tracking Scenario DesignerDesign tracking scenarios, configure platforms and sensors, and generate synthetic object detections


Tracking Simulation Overview

You can build a complete tracking simulation using the functions and objects supplied in this toolbox.

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