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Estimating Multiple-Input, Multi-Output Process Models

If your model contains multiple inputs, multiple outputs, or both, you can specify whether to estimate the same transfer function for all input-output pairs, or a different transfer function for each. The information in this section supports the estimation procedures Estimate Process Models Using the App and Estimate Process Models at the Command Line.

In the System Identification app — To fit a data set with multiple inputs, or multiple outputs, or both, in the Process Models dialog box, configure the process model settings for one input-output pair at a time. Use the input and output selection lists to switch to a different input/output pair.

If you want the same transfer function to apply to all input/output pairs, select the All same check box. To apply a different structure to each channel, leave this check box clear, and create a different transfer function for each input.

At the command line — Specify the model structure as a cell array of character vectors in the estimation command procest. For example, use this command to specify the first-order transfer function for the first input, and a second-order model with a zero and an integrator for the second input:

m = idproc({'P1','P2ZI'})
m = procest(data,m)

To apply the same structure to all inputs, define a single structure in idproc.

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