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Performing Adaptor and Device SDK Initialization

Every adaptor must include an initializeAdaptor() function. In this function, you should perform any initialization required by your adaptor or your device's SDK. Check the documentation that came with your device to find out what, if any, initialization the SDK requires.

For example, some device SDKs provide a function that loads required DLLs into memory. Not every device's SDK requires initialization; however, every adaptor must include the initializeAdaptor() function, even if it is an empty implementation.


You do not perform device initialization in this function. For information about performing device initialization, see Opening and Closing Connection with a Device.


As defined by the adaptor kit, the initializeAdaptor() function accepts no arguments and does not return a value. The following example implements an empty initializeAdaptor() function.

void initializeAdaptor()
     // Perform initialization required by adaptor or device SDK.