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Specifying Format of Image Data Test Procedure

As part of the Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptor Kit, we now offer a test procedure and automated tests for third-party adaptor developers and camera vendors to test adaptors and hardware against the toolbox. This test procedure is part of that suite. For more information, see Testing Adaptors or Hardware.

After specifying the format of the image data per instructions in “Specifying the Format of the Image Data” in this Adaptor Kit documentation, follow these steps to test specifying the format of the image data.

Test ProceduresExpected Results
Run the following commands:
vidObj = videoinput
clear vidObj;

The output should be the width and height (e.g. 640 480) of the frame to be acquired.

The output should indicate the Video Format (e.g. MJPG_640x480).

To clean up after this step, delete and clear the object:

clear vidObj;