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Connect to GigE Vision Cameras

Use the gigecamlist function to return the list of available GigE Vision Compliant cameras connected to your system. The function returns a table with the following information for each camera detected: model, manufacturer, IP address, and serial number. If you plug in different cameras during the MATLAB® session, the gigecamlist function returns an updated list of cameras.

In this example, two cameras have been detected.

ans = 

	Model              Manufacturer           IPAddress       SerialNumber
  ____________________   ___________________   _______________    ______________

  'MV1-D1312-80-G2-12'   'Photonofocus AG'     ''  '022600017445'
  'mvBlueCOUGER-X120aG'  'MATRIX VISION GmbH'  ''  'GX000818'


The GigE Vision support requires that you download and install the necessary files via MATLAB Add-Ons. The GigE Vision Hardware support package installs the files for both the gige adaptor for the videoinput object and the gigecam object. For more information, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

If you have the support package installed and gigecamlist does not recognize your camera, see the troubleshooting information in GigE Vision Hardware.