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GigE Vision Acquisition: gigecam Object vs. videoinput Object

The Image Acquisition Toolbox™ includes a separate interface for use with GigE Vision Compliant cameras. This interface is designed for GigE Vision cameras and supports more GigE-specific functionality.

You can continue to use the GigE Vision adaptor (gige) with the videoinput object, or you can use the gigecam object, which takes advantage of GigE properties and features and is more consistent with GigE Vision conventions for displaying properties and managing selector properties.


The GigE Vision support, using either object, requires that you download and install the necessary files via MATLAB® Add-Ons. The GigE Vision Hardware support package installs the files for both the gige adaptor for the videoinput object and the gigecam object. For more information, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

Advantages of gigecam Object

  • Designed for GigE Vision cameras

  • Allows use of GigE camera commands

  • Better handling of GigE Vision camera properties

  • Uses GigE Vision advanced property features

Advantages of videoinput Object

  • Uses advanced toolbox features such as buffering and callbacks

  • Supports code generation

  • Supported in the Image Acquisition Tool (imaqtool), the VideoDevice System Object, and Simulink®

If you do not need to use any advanced toolbox features and you do not need to use the Image Acquisition Tool, the VideoDevice System Object, or Simulink, use the gigecam object to take advantage of the advanced GigE Vision Standard feature support it offers.