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Connect device object to instrument



    connect(obj) connects the device object specified by obj to the instrument. obj is a device object or an array of device objects.

    If obj is successfully connected to the instrument, its Status property is configured to open. If obj is an array of device objects and one of the objects cannot be connected to the instrument, the remaining objects in the array will be connected and a warning is displayed.

    connect(obj,update) updates the state of the object or the instrument. update can be 'object' or 'instrument'. By default, update is 'object'. If update is 'object', the object is updated to reflect the state of the instrument. If update is 'instrument', the instrument is updated to reflect the state of the object. In this case, all property values defined by the object are sent to the instrument on open.


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    Create a device object for a Tektronix® TDS 210 oscilloscope that is connected to a National Instruments™ GPIB board.

    g = gpib('ni',0,2);
    d = icdevice('tektronix_tds210',g);

    Connect to the instrument.


    List the oscilloscope settings that can be configured.

    props = set(d);

    Get the current configuration of the oscilloscope.

    values = get(d);

    Disconnect from the instrument and clean up.

    delete([d g])

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a

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