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IVI Drivers Overview

Instrument Control Toolbox Software and IVI Drivers

Instrument Control Toolbox™ software communicates with instruments using Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) drivers. The toolbox supports IVI-C drivers, provided by various instrument manufacturers.

For definitions and specifications of IVI® drivers and their components, see the IVI Foundation website.


Instrument Control Toolbox software supports IVI-C drivers, with class-compliant and instrument-specific functionality.

IVI class-compliant drivers support common functionality across a family of related instruments. Use class-compliant drivers to access the basic functionality of an instrument, and the ability to swap instruments without changing the code in your application. With an IVI instrument-specific driver or interface, you can access the unique functionality of the instrument. The instrument-specific driver generally does not accommodate instrument substitution.

For IVI-C drivers, you can use IVI-C class drivers and IVI-C specific drivers. Device objects you construct to call IVI-C class drivers offer interchangeability between similar instruments, and work with all instruments consistent with that class driver. Device objects you construct to call IVI-C specific drivers directly generally offer less interchangeability, but provide access to the unique methods and properties of a specific instrument.