MATLAB on the Cloud

Configure your MATLAB® license for use on Azure® and AWS®

These topics show how to configure your license for use in the cloud when using R2018a or later with a MATLAB installation provided as part of the reference architecture (Azure or AWS). If you previously followed these instructions to configure your license, you do not need to follow them again and can return to the reference architecture (Azure or AWS).

For your license to be eligible to use MATLAB on the cloud:

  • Individual license holders must have a MathWorks Account.

  • End Users for Individual licenses and License Administrators for all licenses covered in this document must have the ability to activate MATLAB R2018a or later. The license you are using must be current on Software Maintenance Service. Learn more

Individual license holders and end users on a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license do not need to configure their license. You can return to the reference architecture (Azure or AWS).


Configure MATLAB Licensing

Determine the correct procedure for your license and scenario.


Configure License Manager on Same Machine as MATLAB Reference Architecture

Follow these steps if the license manager is located on the same machine as the MATLAB reference architecture.

Configure License Manager on Separate Virtual Machine

Follow these instructions for using a license manager that is running on a separate virtual machine.

Use Existing On-Premises License Manager With MATLAB on the Cloud