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Latitudes and longitudes of mouse-click locations


[lat, lon] = inputm
[lat, lon] = inputm(n)
[lat, lon] = inputm(n,h)
[lat, lon, button] = inputm(n)
MAT = imputm(...)


[lat, lon] = inputm returns the latitudes and longitudes in geographic coordinates of points selected by mouse clicks on a displayed grid. The point selection continues until the return key is pressed.

[lat, lon] = inputm(n) returns n points specified by mouse clicks.

[lat, lon] = inputm(n,h) prompts for points from the map axes specified by the handle h. If omitted, the current axes (gca) is assumed.

[lat, lon, button] = inputm(n) returns a third result, button, that contains a vector of integers specifying which mouse button was used (1,2,3 from left) or ASCII numbers if a key on the keyboard was used.

MAT = imputm(...) returns a single matrix, where MAT = [lat lon].


inputm works much like the standard MATLAB® ginput, except that the returned values are latitudes and longitudes extracted from the projection, rather than axes x-y coordinates. If you click outside of the projection bounds (beyond the map frame in the corners of a Robinson projection, for example), no coordinates are returned for that location.

inputm cannot be used with a 3-D display, including those created using globe.

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Introduced before R2006a