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Interactively modify map origin


Command Line



originui on

originui off

Tools > Origin (menu) > Origin(button)


originui provides a tool to modify the origin of a displayed map projection. A marker (dot) is displayed where the origin is currently located. This dot can be moved and the map reprojected with the identified point as the new origin.

originui automatically toggles the current axes into a mode where only actions recognized by originui are executed. Upon exit of this mode, all prior ButtonDown functions are restored to the current axes and its children.

originui on activates origin tool. originui off e-activates the tool. originui will toggle between these two states.



originui recognizes the following keystrokes. Enter (or Return) will reproject the map with the identified origin and remain in the originui mode. Delete and Escape will exit the origin mode (same as originui off). N,S,E,W keys move the marker North, South, East or West by 10.0 degrees for each keystroke. n,s,e,w keys move the marker in the respective directions by 1 degree per keystroke.

Mouse Actions

originui recognizes the following mouse actions when the cursor is on the origin marker.

  • Single-click and hold moves the origin marker. Double-click the marker reprojects the map with the specified map origin and remains in the origin mode (same as originui Return).

  • Extended-click moves the marker along the Cartesian X or Y direction only (depending on the direction of greatest movement).

  • Alternate-click exits the origin tool (same as originui off).

Macintosh Key Mapping

  • Extend-click: Shift+click mouse button

  • Alternate-click: Option+click mouse button

Microsoft® Windows® Key Mapping

  • Extend-click: Shift+click left button or both buttons

  • Alternate-click: Ctrl+click left button or right button

X-Windows Key Mapping

  • Extend-click: Shift+click left button or middle button

  • Alternate-click: Ctrl+click left button or right button

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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