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Select ellipsoids for given UTM zone


ellipsoid = utmgeoid
ellipsoid = utmgeoid(zone)
[ellipsoid,ellipsoidstr] = utmgeoid(...)


The purpose of this function is to recommend a local ellipsoid for use with a given UTM zone, depending on the geographic location of that zone. Use it only if you are not using a global reference ellipsoid, such as the World Geodetic System (WGS) 1984 ellipsoid. In many cases, depending on your application, you should just use the output of wgs84Ellipsoid, or one of the other options available through referenceEllipsoid.

ellipsoid = utmgeoid, without any arguments, opens the utmzoneui interface for selecting a UTM zone. This zone is then used to return the recommended ellipsoid definitions for that particular zone.

ellipsoid = utmgeoid(zone) uses the input zone to return the recommended ellipsoid definitions.

[ellipsoid,ellipsoidstr] = utmgeoid(...) returns the short name(s) for the reference ellipsoid(s), as used by referenceEllipsoid, in a char array with one name in each row.


The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system of projections tiles the world into quadrangles called zones. Each zone has different projection parameters and commonly used ellipsoidal models of the Earth. This function returns a list of ellipsoid models commonly used in a zone.


zone = utmzone(0,100) % degrees

zone =

[ellipsoid,names] = utmgeoid(zone)

ellipsoid =
       6377.3     0.081473
       6377.4     0.081697
names =

Version History

Introduced before R2006a