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Create shared secret for secure communication


createSharedSecret -file <filename>


createSharedSecret creates a shared secret file used for secure communication between job managers and workers. The file is named secret in the current folder.

createSharedSecret -file <filename> create a shared secret file as the given filename.

Before passing sensitive data from one service to another (e.g., between job manager and workers), these services need to establish a trust relationship using a shared secret. This script creates a file that serves as a shared secret between the services. Each service is trusted that has access to that secret file.

Create the secret file only once per cluster on one machine, then copy it into the location specified by SHARED_SECRET_FILE in the mjs_def file on each machine before starting any job managers or workers. In a shared file system, all nodes can point to the same file. Shared secrets can be reused in subsequent sessions.


Create a shared secret file in a central location for all the nodes of the cluster:

cd matlabInstallDir/toolbox/parallel/bin
createSharedSecret -file /share/secret

Then make sure that the nodes' shared or copied mjs_def files set the parameter SHARED_SECRET_FILE to /share/secret before starting the mjs service on each.

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