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matPutVariable (C and Fortran)

Array to MAT-file

C Syntax

#include "mat.h"
int matPutVariable(MATFile *mfp, const char *name, const mxArray *pm);

Fortran Syntax

#include "mat.h"
integer*4 matPutVariable(mfp, name, pm)
mwPointer mfp, pm
character*(*) name



Pointer to MAT-file information


Name of mxArray to put into MAT-file


mxArray pointer


0 if successful and nonzero if an error occurs. In C, use feof and ferror from the Standard C Library along with matGetFp to determine status. To interpret error codes returned by matPutVariable, call matGetErrno.


This routine puts an mxArray into a MAT-file.

matPutVariable writes mxArray pm to the MAT-file mfp. If the mxArray does not exist in the MAT-file, the function appends it to the end. If an mxArray with the same name exists in the file, the function replaces the existing mxArray with the new mxArray by rewriting the file.

Do not use MATLAB® function names for variable names. Common variable names that conflict with function names include i, j, mode, char, size, or path. To determine whether a particular name is associated with a MATLAB function, use the which function.

The size of the new mxArray can be different from the existing mxArray.


See these examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/eng_mat:

Version History

Introduced before R2006a