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mexSet (C)

Set value of specified graphics property

Do not use mexSet. Use mxSetProperty instead.

C Syntax

#include "mex.h"
int mexSet(double handle, const char *property,
  mxArray *value);


Call mexSet to set the value of the property of a certain graphics object. mexSet is the API equivalent of the MATLAB® set function. To get the value of a graphics property, call mexGet.

Input Arguments

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Graphics object handle, specified as double.

Graphics property name, specified as const char*.

Property value, specified as a pointer to an mxArray.

Output Arguments

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Status, returned as 0 on success. Returns 1 on failure. Possible causes of failure include:

  • Specifying a nonexistent property.

  • Specifying an illegal value for that property, for example, specifying a string value for a numerical property.