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Contact Technical Support

If you are using a MathWorks® product and experience technical issues, you can contact MathWorks technical support to report a bug or request help. Access to technical support requires a valid license number and a Software Maintenance Service subscription.

To contact technical support directly from MATLAB®, follow these steps. This method requires an internet connection.

  1. On the Home tab, in the Resources section, click Request Support.

  2. When requested, sign in using your MathWorks Account email address and password. If you do not have a MathWorks Account, create one.

    MathWorks Sign In dialog box

  3. Provide information to help technical support reproduce your issue, such as a description of the steps you followed or a code excerpt. Optionally, you can attach up to five files to your request, where each file is no larger than 5 MB.

    Submit a MathWorks Support Request dialog box

  4. Specify the product that is related to the issue.

  5. Submit the request.

Alternatively, you can request support on the MathWorks Support page. For more information, see Contact Support.

There are also many resources available on the MathWorks Help Center page. Some of the resources on the page include documentation for MathWorks products, MATLAB Answers™, and installation help.

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