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Error Handling in C MEX Files

The mexErrMsgIdAndTxt function in the C Matrix API prints error information and terminates your MEX function. The mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt function prints information, but does not terminate the MEX function.

char *buf;
int buflen;

if (mxIsChar(prhs[0])) {
    if (mxGetString(prhs[0], buf, buflen) == 0) {
        mexPrintf("The input string is:  %s\n", buf);
    else { 
           "Could not convert string data.");
        // exit MEX file
else {
        "Input should be a string to print properly.");

// continue with processing

For information about error handling in C++ MEX functions written with the MATLAB Data API for C++, see Handling Inputs and Outputs.

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