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Update Wait Bar While Functions Run in the Background

This example shows how to use afterEach to update a wait bar with the progress of functions running in the background.

Create a wait bar, w.

w = waitbar(0,'Please wait ...');

Set the number of iterations for your for-loop, N. Store the current number of completed iterations, 0, and the total number of iterations, N, in the UserData property of the wait bar.

N = 20;
w.UserData = [0 N];

Run a for-loop with N iterations. In each iteration, use parfeval and backgroundPool to run pause in the background for a random number of seconds. Store each Future object in an array.

for i = 1:N
    delay = rand;
    f(i) = parfeval(backgroundPool,@pause,0,delay);

Use the helper function updateWaitbar to update the waitbar after each Future finishes.


Use delete to close the wait bar after all the Future objects finish.


Define Helper Function

Define the helper function updateWaitbar. The function increments the first element of the UserData property, then uses the vector to calculate the progress.

function updateWaitbar(w)
    % Update a waitbar using the UserData property.

    % Check if the waitbar is a reference to a deleted object
    if isvalid(w)
        % Increment the number of completed iterations 
        w.UserData(1) = w.UserData(1) + 1;

        % Calculate the progress
        progress = w.UserData(1) / w.UserData(2);

        % Update the waitbar

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