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NET.GenericClass Class

Namespace: NET

Represent parameterized generic type definitions


The NET.createGeneric function uses instances of this class to create a generic specialization that requires parameterization with another parameterized type.


genType = NET.GenericClass(className,paramTypes)

Input Arguments

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Fully qualified generic type name, specified as a string or a character vector.

Parameter types 1 through N (if any) for the generic class parameterization, specified as:

  • String or a character vector containing the fully qualified generic type name.

  • Instance of the NET.GenericClass class when deeper nested parameterization with another parameterized type is needed.


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Create an instance of System.Collections.Generic.List of System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair generic associations where Key is of System.Int32 type and Value is a System.String class with initial storage capacity for 10 key-value pairs.

kvpType = NET.GenericClass(...
    'System.Int32', 'System.String');
kvpList = NET.createGeneric('System.Collections.Generic.List',...
    {kvpType}, 10);

Version History

Introduced in R2009a