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Property Inspector

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The Property Inspector enables you to interactively modify objects, such as graphics objects. When you select an object, the Property Inspector shows a list of object properties. You can change property values by editing the fields that appear next to each property name.

Property Inspector window

Open the Property Inspector

  • Figure toolbar: Click the Property Inspector icon .

  • MATLAB® command prompt: Enter inspect.


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Use the Property Inspector to change the transparency of a surface plot and to change the font size of the axes text.

Create a surface plot. Open the Property Inspector by entering inspect at the command prompt. Then click the surface. The Property Inspector shows surface properties.


Side-by-side windows. A surface plot is on the left and the Property Inspector is on the right.

Change the FaceAlpha value from 1 to 0.5. The surface plot updates so that it is semi-transparent. Then view axes properties by clicking the axes. Change the FontSize value to 14 and change the FontWeight value to bold.

Updated surface plot

Programmatic Use

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inspect opens the Property Inspector for the current figure, if one exists. To view properties for a specific object, select the object. If no figures exist, then this command opens an empty Property Inspector.

inspect(obj) displays the properties for the specified object. You can specify obj as a single object or as a vector containing multiple objects, such as [obj1 obj2]. If you specify multiple objects, then the Property Inspector displays the properties that the objects have in common.

inspect -close closes the Property Inspector.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a