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Spécifier la cible de la sortie graphique

Contrôler les figures et les axes à cibler ainsi que la manière de les mettre à jour


holdConserver le tracé courant lors de l’ajout de nouveaux tracés
isholdCurrent hold state
newplotDetermine where to draw graphics objects
clfClear figure
claClear axes


  • Responding to Hold State

    This example shows how to test for the hold state and respond appropriately in user-defined plotting functions.

  • Use newplot to Control Plotting

    This example shows how to prepare figures and axes for user-written plotting functions.

  • Control Graph Display

    You can control which figures and which axes MATLAB® uses to display the result of plotting functions.

  • Prepare Figures and Axes for Graphs

    MATLAB plotting functions rely on the values of the figure and axes NextPlot properties to determine whether to add, clear, or clear and reset the figure and axes before drawing the new graph.

  • Prevent Access to Figures and Axes

    In some situations it is important to prevent particular figures or axes from becoming the target for graphics output.