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Create and Validate Model for Motor Control System

Use Motor Control Blockset™ to design a Simulink® model for a motor control system and validate it after deploying the model to the motor control hardware. This table lists the fundamental steps for creating and deploying a field-oriented control algorithm for a PMSM.


You can use a similar procedure to design and deploy a control algorithm for the other types of motors.

See these instructions to identify and debug common problems that can occur when you run the model on the target hardware.

Troubleshooting StepsLearn More

Check for errors in measurements by analog to digital converter (ADC) peripheral in motor control applications

Check ADC Inputs

Verify pulse width modulation (PWM) signals

Verify PWM Outputs

Check for issues in hardware connections

Check Hardware Connections

Check for issues in algorithm used for model

Test Algorithm Design

Check for problems related to software architecture, code performance, and code execution time

Check Generated Code