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Generate Simulink Model from MPC Designer

This topic shows how to generate a Simulink® model that uses the current model predictive controller to control its internal plant model.

To create a Simulink model:

  1. In the MPC Designer app, interactively design and tune your model predictive controller.

  2. On the Tuning tab, in the Analysis section, click the Export Controller arrow .

    Alternatively, on the MPC Designer tab, in the Result section, click Export Controller.

  3. Under Export Controller, click Generate Simulink Model .

    The app exports the current MPC controller and its internal plant model to the MATLAB® workspace and creates a Simulink model that contains an MPC Controller block and a Plant block

    Also, default step changes in the output setpoints are added to the References block.

Use the generated model to validate your controller design. The generated model serves as a template for moving easily from the MATLAB design environment to the Simulink environment.

You can also use the Simulink model to generate code and deploy it for real-time control applications. For more information, see Generate Code and Deploy Controller to Real-Time Targets.

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